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Back in February we challenged our loyal followers to come up with a NEW flavour of perogy to add to our classic Stawnichy’s lineup. After receiving almost 600 suggestions in just two weeks, we knew we had our work cut out for us.

 Before we unveil the champion, we want to give shoutouts to some of our most wild and creative entries:

  • Banana split (banana, chocolate, cream cheese)
  • Shrimp spring rolls
  • Big Mac (beef, relish and cheese)
  • Peking duck
  • Aloo Gobi
  • Breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon and cheddar)
  • Spicy california roll sushi with wasabi
  • Smoked Codfish
  • Surprise gummi and 25 cent candies
  • Ginger beef

An untapped market!

By April,  our esteemed judges narrowed the entries down to the top 3:

Jalapeño Popper

Sweet Potato and Bacon

Greek with Feta and Spinach

These went straight to production in Mundare, and hit the shelves shortly after.  The battle for sales raged on throughout summer, but one heroic perogy came through with the win.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, our 2023 Perogy Contest winner, the one that will be added PERMANENTLY to our lineup, is……..

Congratulations to Susan Zilyk!

Susan’s entry saw a sweet ending thanks to everyone who bought the sweet potato and bacon perogies at both of our delis, as well those who ordered them in Uncle Ed’s Restaurant.  When asked about how she came up with the winning creation she said:

“When my friends and I go out for dinner in Edmonton we always order sweet potato fries at the restaurant. They’re so good, so I figured they’d be great as a perogy!”

 Her family loves to drive out to Mundare and get the original sausage fresh from production. As for her plans for what to do with her 360 perogy grand prize?

 “Christmas is coming up! My brother said he really wants to try some, and then all of my friends said they did too, so I’m set for Christmas gifts!” 

Shout out to the runners up: Holly and Stella, who received 6 dozen of their own perogy creations!


Perogy Popper and Greek are still available in our delis until they’re gone, but the Sweet Potato and Bacon are now available permanently. 


Stay tuned for our next contest!

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