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Online Orders

We are happy to facilitate all of your orders before you come in to pick them up.

Online Ordering Guidelines

Fulfillment Times

Because we can get busy in the store, your items won't be ready for one full business day after the order is placed, in line with our deli operating hours:

  • Edmonton - Monday- Saturday 9am-6:30pm
  • Mundare - Monday- Saturday 8am- 5pm

What this means? Well, an order placed on Wednesday at 10am won't be ready until our opening hours on Friday.

Minimum Online Orders

Minimum $75 per pre-order. If your order falls below this amount, come to the deli in-person and we can fulfill it on the spot!

Any questions about product availability, order timing, or special requests can be directed to the deli staff at both of our locations:

Beverly: (780) 471-1010
Mundare: (780) 764- 3912

Pick-Up Options:

Mundare - Stawnichy's Mundare Sausage (5212 50 St)

   Edmonton - Mundare Sausage House (4824 118 Ave NW)

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