Edward handing out scholarships to student.

We believe in growing stronger communities, supporting families, and building relationships between Albertan and Ukrainian organizations both here and overseas.

Edward E. Stawnichy Charitable Foundation

Our foundation was created in 2000 named after our founder, Edward E. Stawnichy. The EESCF provides scholarships to graduates of the surrounding high schools in the Mundare area. It also contributes to the maintenance and operation of a public park in the Town of Mundare, Alberta. In the past it has also financed and donated the usage of a handicap van to the Mary Immaculate Hospital in Mundare.

Support in the Community

Outside of the EESCF, we continue to partner with a variety of charities, organizations and artists. Our recent efforts are primarily centered around Ukrainian Aid groups, however we also sponsor and donate items for community events, such as silent auctions, athletic fundraisers cultural organizations, and hospitality outlets.

Supporting our community in any way we can is a primary focus of our business, and has been for over 60 years. We strive to donate to as many causes we can that are dear to our hearts even if we can’t partner with them all. We’d love to support every effort that comes our way, but we primarily work with efforts that work the most with us. If you’re looking to raise funds for your organization, head to our fundraiser page to see how easy it is to set one up. If you have any questions about donations, partnerships, and fundraisers please reach out to marketing@mundaresausage.com and please indicate if you've used Stawnichy's fundraising program in the past.

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