Stawnichy’s $5000 2023 Ukrainian Organization Donation

Posted: January 20, 2023 Category: Media Releases, Our Team, Vendor, Recipe,

We’re excited to announce that Stawnichy’s will be donating funds to one outstanding organization or group in our Albertan Ukrainian community. We grew together so immensely over this challenging year, and this program is intended to fund future initiatives that will continue this progress.

$5000 will be given to one group that shows us their exceptional contributions, local support and cultural strength, as well as, their plans and ideas on how they intend to continue in 2023.

How you can apply:

• Submit a 1-2 page document telling us:
o About your organization
o Events and fundraisers you have run in the past year
o Some of the families and communities you have helped thrive
o Specifically, how you intend to use the funds (add a budget if you wish!)

• Let us know if your organization has charitable status, and please include links to your website and social media accounts
• Submit your entry to from January 20th until February 12th to be considered
• The successful entry will be contacted by March 6th

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