Attention Alberta Fundraisers: We have $1,000 With Your Name On It!!

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Could your team, school, church or organization use an extra $1,000 this year?  Maybe for some new jerseys, travel fees, group events, or even a gift for someone in your group that deserves it? 

In honor of Stawnichy’s 65th anniversary year: 


Each team is automatically entered into a weighted draw to win the $1000

So the more you sell, 

the better your chances are to win!


Just ask the Shumka School of Dance…

We have partnered with Shumka since 2017, and this past season was so stellar that it got them into the top of the weighted draw, and they won!  The dancers, instructors and parents are certified pros by now, and they look forward to running new campaigns every year:


“Hosting a Stawnichy’s fundraiser has become a favorite tradition for our dance school, and for good reason! Year after year, Stawnichy’s delivers delicious, Ukrainian cuisine that our supporters can’t get enough of. Whether it’s  perogies, sausage, or other specialties, Stawnichy’s consistently exceeds expectations all while helping us raise funds for our group. We can’t thank Stawnichy’s enough for their support.”

Jamie P.
Head of Fundraising
Shumka School of Dance


Everyone loves Stawnichy’s. Our beloved Ukrainian foods and specialty meats are made by hand in Mundare with love, the highest quality ingredients we can procure, and our well-kept secret recipes. The 4th generation Stawnichy clan is becoming more involved in the family business and adapting the program to be as easy as possible for our clients, but we promise: Baba Jane is still at the deli in Mundare every day!


“Stawnichy’s fundraising program has been our go-to for 4 years, and it’s the easiest way for us to raise money for our club. First of all, the products basically sell themselves- they’re just SO GOOD. And we actually enjoy the fundraising process! It’s like we’re running our own little business; everything is done online, we know which products are going to sell the best, and their team helps us out if we need it. 
Who doesn’t love a fridge full of sausage?? ”

Rowan W.
Head of Fundraising
AMA Social Club

And we’re so much more than just meat! Our huge catalog of traditional products includes perogies, cabbage rolls, cheese crepes, plant-based burgers and more. Our catalogue lists all ingredients here:

With our fundraising program, you choose the markup on the products you want to sell, so you really can make as much money as you want. Take a look at this sample order:

The easiest $2,628 you’ll ever make! 

Now this is only based on 4 products, but you can select over 40 of our most popular items. The order forms, Ultimate Fundraising Guide and product information are all available in your personal portal.



Are you a fundraising newbie? Let’s put the FUN back into it. Running your own campaign with Stawnichy’s is so much easier than you think, you’ll be kicking yourself for waiting this long to start!


  • Create your profile:
  • Go through our Ultimate Fundraising Guide; it’s full of tips and advice from past campaigners that will help you raise as much money as you possibly can. 
  • Pick your products.
  • Share your campaign page with as many people as you can, and sell sell sell!


Once your campaign is closed, you just select a date/time/location and we can deliver your order to you (based on a delivery schedule by day and area). Or you’re always welcome to come grab it yourself, from either Mundare or Edmonton!




We don’t think we need to remind you, but…

We still have $1,000 to give away this year!  

Remember: the top 10 top-selling teams per season will automatically be in the running. Then at the end of the season, those teams will be entered into a random draw for the $1,000. It’s almost as easy as the program itself! 



If you have any questions or need a bit of guidance, our fundraising team is always available, just email, or call Mundare at (780) 764-3912 and ask for fundraising guru Terry! 



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