We’re Still Standing with Ukraine

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It’s been two years since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which quickly turned into a devastating war that is still ongoing. For two years, families have been losing their homes, cities and communities have been destroyed, and young men and women are all fighting to save the sovereignty of their country. All of this is completely unjust, and people’s lives are being ruined for imperialistic pursuits. These people need our help- both those still living and fighting in the country, as well as those displaced.

Stawnichy’s home may be in Alberta, but our hearts are still in Ukraine, so we have stepped up to help


With help from in-house donations made by guests at both our Mundare and Edmonton locations, we are so proud to have reached this success! We’ve carefully selected the Ukrainian and Albertan organizations to work with- the ones where we are able to see how the contributions are directly helping.

While the majority of our support goes directly to the frontlines and families in Ukraine, we also donate to many local groups and organizations that aid displaced Ukrainian families that are new to Alberta. Most of these organizations are run completely by volunteers, and we applaud their selfless dedication.

Where The Givings Are Going

Because of the broad amount of products and services still needed in Ukraine, we work with a variety of organizations that cover a multitude of areas. Here are just some of there organizations we have supported that still need help:

Support for Families and Communities in Ukraine

  • Assistance for Ukrainian seniors including:
    • Food provision
    • Medical aid and supervision 
    • Companionship and personal support
    • Emergency housing
    • Providing qualified psychological help, in both group settings as well as individual
  • Agriculture initiatives
    • Helping Ukrainians to rebuild and grow more crops on their land
    • Building greenhouses for liberated communities

  • Children’s support programs which provide Individual and group therapy sessions, art & music therapy, skill-building workshops, and safe spaces
  • Direct phone hotlines for evacuation, humanitarian, legal and psychological assistance

Support for Ukraine Brigades and Frontliners

  • Tactical Uniforms
    • Bulletproof vests
    • Boots
    • Helmets
    • Knee and elbow pads
  • Life-saving tactical medical kits
  • Non-lethal equipment
  • Surveillance drones
  • Advanced, costly medical equipment to be used by army medics

This was a special project from an Edmonton organization that raised over $50,000 to donate new fully-equipped ambulances and equipment to the Ukrainian Frontline

Welcoming Alberta Newcomers

  • Seasonal food donations
  • A special event at Uncle Ed’s Ukrainian Restaurant for newcomer families with free lunch and entertainment
  • Housing opportunities
  • Providing local outlets to help ease families’ transition
  • English language education programs

While Putin wishes to destroy Ukraine as a country, he is also destroying their rich, historic food culture. We at Stawnichy’s are proud to uphold the standards of traditional Ukrainian food, just like baba used to make. By us continuing to produce these beloved staples and dishes and keeping them alive in Alberta, we feel as though we’re helping.  Albeit in a small and distant way, we’re helping to defy what Russian imperialism is attempting to do in Ukraine.

We’re proud to have helped Ukrainians defend their country for the past two years, and have no intention of stopping until the war is over. 


Thank you!!


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