Recipe: Easy Dutch Recipe For Dinner

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Prep: 15 min Cook time: 60 min Ready: 90 min

Difficulty: Easy    Serves: 4

By: Daniel Bok


Dutch Hutspot With Stawnichy’s Smoked Sausage

When most people think of dutch food what usually comes to mind are wheels of dutch gouda or giant pancakes. However, for many who grew up in a dutch household they would say Hutspot represents a big part of their traditional meals. It’s a traditional comfort dish mostly enjoyed in the cold winter months of the year, but that doesn’t stop many from enjoying it all year long.


Dutch Hutspot with Stawnichy's smoked sausage


This recipe is brought to you by Daniel Bok our new Marketing & Sales Assistant. Daniel was raised in a dutch household, so growing up he ate his share of gouda, flat pancakes, and other treats. What makes this recipe much different from others happens to be the addition of kidney beans many dutch individuals aren’t even aware of. The kidney beans add more nutrients and flavour to the dish.








  1. Combine the carrots, onion, kidney beans, water, and whole bacon resting on top. Bring to a boil then simmer for 1 hour.
  2. In a large pot cook the potatoes with Stawnichy’s smoked garlic sausage laying on top. Add a tsp of salt to the water and boil until done. This gives the potatoes a nice smoked flavour and heats the sausage at the same time.
  3. Drain water fom the vegitable mix, and potatoes mixture and then combine. Add vinegar, butter, and add salt for flavour, then mash adding more vinegar and butter if needed for flavour, If a little dry save some of the liquid from the carrot and onion mixer to add a little moisture.
  4. Serve with cooked sausage, whole bacon, and pickles. This dish can also be served with baked ham instead of whole bacon.





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